Anne Twitchett: When I used to work at the Mineral Hospital, there was a tunnel that used to

connect to the laundry. They had the tunnel for the water for the hydrotherapy pool, that they also used to cross the town in these tunnels underneath. So you’d never see people ferrying Laundry from the hospital through town.

Because in my office, there was a door and I never went down it because it was creepy. But there were steps there that led down to a passage. And the nurses in the house would use the tunnels to cross under to access the hospital as well. So there was a lot of activity underground.

Near Primark in the centre of town, there’s a grate there – it’s not a drain. If you look down it you’re actually looking down one of those passages. They run all over the city in a type of underground network, well they used to, I’m not sure if they’re all still there today.

But I think that’s how the Mineral Hospital  would probably have used the laundry if they did their laundry there.