Mr Mearns: On Thursday 23rd March, my wife and I were shopping in Bath, and around

Lunchtime we stopped for a drink in the “Crystal Palace Public House” courtyard. Whilst trying to enjoy our refreshments, we found that we were both sitting on and being showered with black, flaky smuts.

These smuts were of such a kind of chemical content that they immediately destroyed and laddered my wife Rose’s tights upon landing on them.

Of course, we complained to the Landlord, who we know was not at fault, he told us that the pollution came from the Spa Laundry chimney, and that he himself had been complaining for a considerable amount of time.

I am astonished that such severe kinds of pollution, caused by a department of the Corporation no less, is tolerated in that area of Bath, so close to the shops, Baths and Abbey.

In view of the clearly destructive nature of the pollution my wife and I had our suits cleaned to remove the filth. I sent the cleaning bill of 95p for our clothing to the Spa Laundry, as well as a request to reimburse my wife the cost of her tights, 25p.