Woman Sobs at Sentence

Stole Pens at Bath

A 32-year-old Bath woman sobbed bitterly in the dock at the City Magistrates’ Court on Friday, when she was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, and had to be assisted from the Court, clasping the hand of her brother as she was escorted below.

Accused was Mrs. Violet Grace Warfield, of 9, Swallow Street Bath, and she appeared on remand of a charge of stealing a fountain pen, value of £2 2s 9d. from the person of Kyriakos Poyatzis, on Oct. 27. She was further charged with stealing from the Royal United Hospital on Oct. 10, fountain pen, value £1 12s 6d. the property of Arthur Kennedy, and also a pair of lady’s pig skin gloves, value 10s, pleaded not guilty to all three offences.

Prosecutor in the first case, Mr Poyatzis, a chef at the Abbey Café, missed his fountain pen after talking to accused outside the Palace buffet. Three days later accused was seen using it in the Christopher Hotel.

Policewoman Bateman said that accused told her she picked up the pen outside the Palace.

In Handbag.

Regarding the second charge, Arthur Kennedy, of 29, Rivers Street, Bath, a male nurse at the Royal United Hospital, said that accused had been employed there as a cleaner. Witness had a pen in his pocket and later found it was missing.

P.C. Smith stated that the pen was found in the accused’s handbag.

On the third charge Miss Ivy Miller, Lyncombe Vale Cottage, a part-time nurse at the Hospital gave evidence of how her gloves were missing, and P.C. Smith stated that the gloves were found in the accused’s handbag.

Det-Insp. Coles stated that he could say nothing in the accused’s favour. He had known her for 20 years. She had been a source of trouble since childhood. He gave details of a number of convictions against her, including two for neglecting her three children.