Radio broadcaster:  Duchess’ royal progress at Bath- City of glorious sunshine. Her Royal Highness hopes to come again when new national hospital is built.

On Wednesday the 19th October, all of Bath turned out to give the royal visitor a tumultuous welcome; every street through which she passed was packed with cheering crowds as she left the Guildhall after lunch to inspect the present Hospital, the site where the new home of healing will arise, the Royal Baths, the Pump Room and Prior Park.

After taking in the new hospital site and talking for a moment with both patients and staff, the Mayor presented Her Royal Highness to Spa Director Mr John Hatton and Miss A. J. Le Bibhan, the Matron of the Bathing Establishment. Mr Hatton explained that she would be shown about half a dozen of the typical methods of using the mineral waters. The Duchess was enabled to see the department in working order- even witnessing the attendants acting as ‘patients’ so she might witness the various treatments. Upon seeing this, the Duchess asked;

Duchess of Kent:      Do you mind being patients, or do you rather enjoy it?

Radio broadcaster: The Duchess was most amused to hear that the spa attendants did indeed enjoy playing the part of patients!

First she was shown a patient being lowered into the water in the deep bath. Then came an under-current douche in another room, a douche massage, and eventually a mud pack. She looked at a swimming bath through the window and then went into the electrical therapy department. After spending a few minutes in the thermal vapour room, she saw a Vichy douche massage.

However the taste of the famous Bath mineral waters perhaps was not completely to Her Royal Highness’ palate;

Duchess of Kent:      Oh! I don’t think I like it very much!

Radio broadcaster:  Her Royal Highness completed her visit to Bath with a tour around the Pump Rooms, the Roman Baths and the historic Abbey, before finishing the day taking in the wonderful views of Prior Park.

Throughout her visit, cheer followed cheer, particularly from the women and children, who were certainly in the ascendant as far as numbers were concerned. Obviously pleased by the cordial reception accorded her by the people of Bath, and speaking of the new improvements coming to the city’s spa and medical treatments, she said;

Duchess of Kent:      These are wonderful buildings. Thank you. I hope to meet you again in better conditions.