Mr Hatton, the Director of the Baths, has been engaged in working out a scheme for the more complete training of probationers for posts as ‘skilled’ bath attendants and this has now been formulated. It is a scheme calculated to turn out after three years attendants well qualified to give baths and massage efficiently. Care will be exercised in the selection of probationers, and no girls will be accepted who are less than 20 years of age. The Bath Committee of the British Medical Association have appointed two of their number to give lectures to the staff on elementary anatomy and physiology, so far as is necessary in relation to their work, and the probationers will thus get both theoretical and practical training. Dr. Scott has kindly undertaken the lectures to males and Dr. Mary Morris to the females.

Practical examinations will be conducted and certificates awarded and probationers will be required both to attend the lectures and sit for the examinations. At the end of the three years if they have passed their examinations and if their record of practical work is satisfactory, there will be a reasonable probability of their securing posts on the staff. During the first year female probationers receiving this valuable training will be paid 7s. 6d, a week; during the second year 10s a week; and during the third year 13s a week. Male probationers will receive rather more.

At Aix les Baines and other Continental spas lectures are given to members of the staffs of bathing establishments, but at no place, so far as can be ascertained, is such a complete scheme of training in force as Mr. Hatton has arranged. On Friday the Baths Committee, on the proposition of the Chairman, passed a vote of thanks to the Medical Committee for their assistance in the matter. The present staff at the baths is, of course, a highly skilled one, and this scheme should ensure a supply of equally skilled attendants in the future, either for the Corporation or for the Syndicate concerning which so many rumours are in the air.